Nothing says love like Sweets for my sweetie! 💜💛🧡

This set is a great set to send to any loved one and bestie.

Each set contains:

1 x Large CUTE sugar cookie

1 x Small Love Pill sugar cookie

1 x Nerd Test Tube

1 x Halal Mini Marshmallow Test Tube

1 x Rainbow Drops Test Tube

1 x Retro Sweet Pack Containing

-Candy Necklace


-Parma Violets


-Refresher Chew( either original or strawberry)


Shelf life on sugar cookies: 

5 days, or can be frozen in bags for upto 3 months.

(leave in bag to defrost at room temperature)

Chemistry Retro Love Box

  • Sugar Cookies contain: Gluten, Dairy & Egg Yolks.